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“mom, dad…you did WHAT?!?!!”

For those who haven’t seen this, it’s quite funny and well-worth the watch.  As a quick set-up, Jimmy Kimmel issued a challenge to parents in which they told their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy (of course, this was pretend, and the kids were reunited with their candy-filled pumpkins as soon as filming stopped!).  […]

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out of context

Ok, so you know those really cute things that you do with your kids in private that just don’t seem to translate well or have quite the same comedic effect on others when done in public?  Well, we have a few doozies to share with you.  Here goes: 1.  Telling her preschool teacher first thing […]

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out of the mouths of babes

I remember the wonderful anticipation of hearing my angel baby talk like it was yesterday.  What would her voice sound like?  What words would she like to use?  Would she use her hands when she talked?  Indeed, the sound of my little person’s voice is easily the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard – its innocence, […]

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