from baby daddys’ perspective

After returning home from running some errands the other day, I asked my husband what he and our 1 year old daughter had done while I was out.  He responded with a very strong and surprisingly visceral reaction that made me think…

“…I know, I know.  When you watch her, you are constantly doing things to mold her into a superb human being.  You engage in activities that will develop her brain and improve her SAT scores, schedule play dates to properly socialize her and never miss an opportunity to reinforce ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ so she grows up polite and thankful.

Now, when I watch her, it’s a completely different story.  PLEASE stop asking me what I did with her because I can tell you now, it wasn’t anything that will help educate or shape her as a person.  It’s quite simple:  on my watch, I have just one, single, solitary but critical goal — to keep her alive.  And quite frankly, if I’ve done that, then I consider it a pretty damn successful day!”

After listening quietly and staring at him a bit stunned by this honest and fairly poignant reveal, I had only one response, “Huh, fair point.”