tell-tale signs of a new mom

Almost immediately after having our babies, we (moms) begin all sorts of subconscious behaviors.  In fact, these new behaviors become so ingrained that we do them even when our babies are not with us.  Following are some of the ways in which you can spot a new mom when she’s not with her baby:

  • Swaying back and forth while standing still
  • Looking both ways, three times, before stepping off of the curb
  • Breaking into song for no apparent reason
  • Rocking the grocery cart back and forth
  • Announcing her departure by stating in a very calm voice, “I have to get going in 3 minutes.  3 more minutes…”
  • Asking where the “potty” is
  • And for the breastfeeding moms, flinching when a gust of wind or dog bark catches her by surprise to brace herself for the inevitable let-down and leakage…

What do you do that gives you away?  Please write in and share…