When we have kids, most of us suddenly realize the urgent need to make new friends.  For some, it’s about admitting that we don’t really have any and for others it’s realizing that the ones we do have aren’t really that great (or at least not good enough for our new little person). 

Whatever the reason, we feel a sudden sense of urgency to meet other new moms.  After all, doesn’t being a good parent include ensuring that our kids have a social life that extends beyond the UPS driver and Starbucks Barista?

It is with this feeling of urgency that we find ourselves doing the unthinkable:  scheduling playdates.  When you stop and think about it, the dynamics are both hysterical and incredibly odd.  You suddenly find yourself making introductions to virtual (or often times complete) strangers and essentially asking them to be your friend. 

Can you imagine seeing any other ‘group’ doing such a thing?  Just imagine two grown men having an exchange like we (moms) do:  “Hi there.  I see that you like to wear blue shirts.  I like to wear blue shirts too.  Want to come over to my house and play?”

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