out of the mouths of babes

I remember the wonderful anticipation of hearing my angel baby talk like it was yesterday.  What would her voice sound like?  What words would she like to use?  Would she use her hands when she talked? 

Indeed, the sound of my little person’s voice is easily the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard – its innocence, determination to sound out letters and squeaky pitch is simply precious.  And then one day, seemingly overnight, the utterances turn into real words and real sentences that have the power to make you melt, cry and laugh all at the same time:  


“…you have silly boobs.  They look like they’re going to fall off”

 “…you are HUGE, just like a tall mountain”

“…you look like a princess”

“…I’m so happy!”

“…are you having a baby because you keep getting fatter and fatter”

“…you’re my best friend”

“…I’m mad at you, I don’t like you, you’re mean”

“…I love you higher than the highest hill”

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