luxury redefined

So clearly a lot changes when our little people are born.  Our world does a 180 in an instant — diapers, feedings, ferocious protective instincts, and so much more.  One of the more subtle things that sort of creeps up on us is the shift in our thinking in terms of the way in which we (moms) define “luxury”.  Soon after my daughter was born, I found myself almost gleeful when I had the chance to do laundry with two hands.  She was about 6 weeks old and fell asleep in her bouncy seat, giving me the unexpected opportunity to use both hands to do some laundry  (vs. holding her in one arm while doing laundry with the other which had become the norm). 

That was the first of many ways that I would find myself redefining what I used to consider a luxury in my first year as a new mom.  Any of these sound familiar?:

Pre-Baby Luxuries                                                  Post-Baby Luxuries

A Massage or Spa treatment                                  A shower

Flowers from your husband                                     Hubby wiping the cottage cheese off the wall vs. pretending not to see it

Going out for Cosmos with the girls                         Drinking a fountain soda while leisurely strolling the aisles at Target

Romantic dinner for 2                                             Taking more than 2.75 minutes to eat an entire meal

Going to see the latest movie release                      Watching TV that doesn’t include a cartoon character,                                       on opening night                                                     cheerful theme song or life lesson

Getting dressed up and wearing high heels              Not wearing rice cereal on your sleeve

Lounging on a Saturday morning reading                 Knowing who the celebrities are on the cover of                                                   your favorite author                                               US magazine

10 day Caribbean vacation                                    10 seconds to go to the bathroom by yourself

Hiring a personal trainer to get into even                 Not having to stop and scratch your post-pregnancy-                                        better shape                                                         perma-muffin-top while squeezing in a 7.5 minute jog

We’d love to hear how you’ve redefined luxury too — write in to our blog and share your stories…