bad mommy moments

We all have them; we’re only human after all. 

Whether completely accidental, out of sheer exhaustion or not-so-accidental but just couldn’t be helped in the moment, we all have those bad mommy moments we wish we could take back (or not!).  We nutto mamas like to think of them as opportunities to show our children that everyone makes mistakes and it’s ok not to be perfect…

Some of our favorite bad mommy moments:

  • 2 y/o finding his artwork from the day before in the trash…and your responding with, “OH NO, how did that get in there?  I’ve been looking everywhere for it!”
  • Telling your 3 y/o the cookies are all gone only to have her walk in on you eating them after a bad dream at 11:00pm.
  • Lying to your toddler’s dentist in response to the question, “are you brushing his teeth at least twice a day?”  …So much pressure!!
  • Zoning out and responding to something your 2.5 y/o asked by saying, “Sure, honey, sounds great,” only to realize that you just agreed to let him try pooping in a Tupperware container. 
  • Pretending you didn’t hear your 4 y/o teaching her 18 month old brother curse words she learned at school that day.
  • Contributing just a wee-teeny-tiny-ever-so-slightly-bit to your 22 month old’s art project after his day care teacher adamantly encouraged “no parent involvement.”
  • “Losing” your 2.5 y/o’s Baby Alive that poops and pees all over the house a minimum of 17 times a day…

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