classic bobbleDad on mama’s day

We just had to share some of these classic bobbleDad anecdotes with you.  We found these to be absolutely hilarious, and even a bit charming in their own way, given these dads were all trying really hard to be super-daddy on mom’s special day:

  • bobbleDad says:  “why don’t you go work out, you could really use it.”  Uhhh, thanks?  (Translation = you could use the time to yourself)
  • bobbleDad says to 18 month old:  “go get mom so she can get you dressed — we’re going to go get mom some surprises for her special day.”  Hmmm…getting the 18 month old dressed would have been a nice surprise
  • “We’re going to have a very special day for mom today!” bobbleDad announces to his 6 month old in an ever-so-proud of himself tone as he steps over the plethora of toys, drool and smeared rice cereal all over the floor…
  • “Happy Mother’s Day.  You’re the best mom ever…”  bobbleDad whispers to his wife while rolling over to go back to sleep at 3am as she gets up to console their crying 13 week old…

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