macGyver mama

To anyone who thought MacGyver could perform miracles with some dental floss and a chewed piece of gum, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  We’d put our money on a mama any day — think MacGyver could do this…

  • Catch a ball flying at his head without skipping a beat in the story he’s in the middle of telling
  • Make it on time to the Pediatrician appointment at 9:00am, playdate at 9:20am and Gymboree at 9:35am with 2.4 kids in tow
  • Clean a grass stain with nothing more than the contents of a sippy cup and sand from the sandbox
  • Design a make-shift diaper out of a few napkins and the inside of the uneaten portion of grilled cheese
  • Make his frustrated toddler laugh when all she wants to do is cry
  • Carry on a conversation with his 2.2 y/o about the relationship between Dora and Swiper, coo at his 3 month old, explain to his baby daddy once again why the Diaper Champ needs to be emptied regularly and listen to outdated and unhelpful parenting advice from his own mother on the phone…simultaneously

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