modesty takes a nose-dive

If you’re anything like us, you thought the worst of it was over after the embarrassing 3rd trimester doctor’s visits and then baring it all to anyone who wanted a peek while giving birth.  Well, not so much… 

The following are just a handful of examples of how modesty takes a nose-dive out the proverbial window during the first few years of motherhood:

  • Baby pulling on your nipples like a Gumby doll while you’re standing in the check-out line
  • Squatting and straddling over the toilet in a public restroom with the door wide open because the stroller doesn’t fit in the stall
  • Flashing the token dad in swim lessons when your 6 month old attempts to use your bathing suit top as a floatie
  • Having your shirt pulled up in the cereal aisle so your barely-speaking-toddler can show you where your “belly button” is
  • The loud reveal from the more-proficient-speaking-toddler that “Mommy made a stinky poopy on the potty like a big girl today”


We’d love to hear your modesty-gone stories so please write in and share…