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Place warmer in sink. Place bottle,
bag or other container of refrigerated
or frozen milk in warmer by pushing
through the holding bristles.

The opening of taller bottles, bags or
other containers should be just above
the holding bristles – e.g. the bristles
should be positioned at the bottle neck
or shoulders with the bottle nipple above
the bristles.
Shorter bottles should be placed inside the warmer completely. While the bottle will fall below the holding bristles when initially placed inside the warmer, the water pressure will elevate the bottle so the neck and nipple rise above the bristles.

Fill with hot tap water until you see water coming through holding bristles. Close lid. Resume watching your husband in awe as he
tries to figure out how the onesie works…again. testing testing testing testing

Remove bottle, bag or other container from warmer – remove carefully as water inside warmer may still be hot. Swirl milk and and test temperature on your wrist (Note: frozen milk will likely require that you repeat this process.).


Of course, if hot water runs on outside of stainless steel, it will become hot so let cool or run cold water on outside before touching.

Remove milk container carefully as water inside warmer is likely to still be hot.

As with any type of baby milk warming, swirl milk and test on your wrist before feeding to ensure milk isn’t too hot.
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